360° CRT
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program from BIOTRONIK

360° CRT is a comprehensive Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program developed by BIOTRONIK to further improve effective treatment of heart failure. By addressing the needs of patients and doctors in all areas, BIOTRONIK provides not only an extensive portfolio of the state-of-the-art products, but also professional educational courses and scientific contributions. 360° CRT shows how the company’s activities compliment each other, to increase the success of cardiac resynchronization therapy. We encourage all CRT experts to learn more about our 360° solutions!

360° CRT focuses on three pillars: innovative technologies, professional training and scientific contributions. Click on the circle to learn more about one of the areas.

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Closed Loop Stimulation
Home Monitoring
MultiPole Pacing

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Innovative Technologies

MultiPole Pacing: Heart Pacing Tailored to Every Patient’s Needs

MultiPole Pacing (MPP) technology implemented in BIOTRONIK’s CRT-D devices addresses one of the most challenging aspects of the cardiac resynchronization therapy: the non-responsiveness of certain CRT patients. Equipped with the MPP feature, our cardiac devices offer more flexible pacing options, allowing greater customization of the therapy to individual patient’s needs. Specifically, the left ventricle can be paced twice per cycle, delivering simultaneous or sequential paces. At the same time, the technology proves to be highly energy-efficient, compared to other manufacturers. The battery life is reduced only by 4% and the overall CRT-D device longevity is estimated at 7.5 years. Increasing chances of the cardiac resynchronization therapy success, MultiPole Pacing remains a key element of our Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program.

CRT: Heart Pacing

MRI AutoDetect: MRI-Conditional Cardiac Devices

The MRI AutoDetect technology was developed to offer CRT patients with implanted cardiac devices uncomplicated access to MRI scans. Once the MRI AutoDetect function is activated by the cardiologist, the implanted device automatically recognizes when the patient enters the scanner and activates the predefined MRI mode. After the MRI procedure is completed, the device goes back to its normal mode and no additional intervention of the clinician is required. Since MRI AutoDetect can be programmed to be active for up to 14 days, the patients and physicians can benefit from higher flexibility to schedule their MRI scans. Eliminating the unnecessary programming and reducing the time spent in the MRI mode to the minimum, the MRI AutoDetect can be considered one of the most MRI-friendly solutions on the market. Further resources to check if your patients system is MRI-conditional can be found here: https://www.promricheck.com.

CRT: MRI-Conditional Devices

CRT-DX: Unique Atrial Sensing System to Reduce Complexity

CRT-DX is a pioneering atrial sensing system introduced by BIOTRONIK in CRT-D devices to increase the effectiveness of cardiac resynchronization therapy. In case of patients with atrial fibrillation, doctors are often faced with a dilemma of whether an extra, atrial lead should be implanted, to provide dual-chamber diagnostics of the patient’s heart. The DX technology, developed by BIOTRONIK, addresses this problem by using a single lead with floating atrial dipole to collect signals from the atrial chambers, encompassing the benefits of both single- and dual-chamber ICDs. Elimination of an atrial lead reduces complexity of the implantation procedure as well as risk of further complications. The DX atrial sensing system is also fully compatible with BIOTRONIK’s MultiPole Pacing and ProMRI features, allowing the patient to take full advantage of our devices’ functionalities.

CRT: Atrial Sensing System

Home Monitoring: Remote Cardiac Monitoring System Reducing Mortality and Hospitalization

BIOTRONIK was the first company to introduce a successful remote cardiac monitoring system, designed to early detect changes in patient’s health status. Every day, clinical and technical information is automatically sent by the cardiac device via CardioMessenger to the Home Monitoring Service Centre, where it can be reviewed by a clinical professional. Specific user adaptable alerts on important events are highlighted in red and yellow, to make the reviewing highly efficient. Thanks to daily monitoring, fewer in-office follow-ups are required and unpredictable or silent events are quickly identified. Remote patient management with Home Monitoring demonstrated outstanding clinical results, including more than 50% mortality reduction in CRT-D patients as proven in the IN-TIME study. This award-winning remote monitoring system constitutes an important part of our Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program and can certainly be recognized as an innovation of the decade to improve the lives of patients with an implemented cardiac device.

CRT: Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Closed Loop Stimulation: Intelligent Cardiac Rhythm Algorithm

Striving to improve the therapeutic effects of CRT treatments and determined to increase the comfort of cardiac patients, BIOTRONIK developed CLS a unique, physiological rate-adaptive technology. Its intelligent cardiac rhythm algorithm measures relative changes in heart contractility initiated by the patient’s nervous system in accordance with actual metabolic demand. If the patient is under physical or mental stress, requiring heart rhythm adaption, the CLS algorithm automatically increases the heart rate, enabling a natural, physiologic reaction. No body movement or increased breathing activity is necessary and the implementation doesn’t require any special leads or extra programming. Closed Loop Stimulation technology is available exclusively in BIOTRONIK’s devices.

CRT: Closed Loop Simulation
Safe Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Professional Trainings

As a Partner of the Medical Community, BIOTRONIK is committed to deliver comprehensive trainings for heart care specialists seeking to deepen their knowledge of cardiac resynchronization therapy. Our unique portfolio of courses is tailored to meet the needs of cardiologists, electrophysiologists and medical staff on every level of expertise from beginners to experts. Extensive clinical trainings and theoretical workshops help to explore the benefits of cardiac resynchronization therapy from different angles. Currently, we invite all interested healthcare professionals to participate in the following CRT trainings:

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Scientific Contributions

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Scientific Contributions to Effective Medical Care

Further developments in the field of cardiac resynchronization strongly depend on extensive scientific research. That’s why BIOTRONIK doesn’t limit its activities solely to delivering state-of-the-art, innovative cardiac products. In collaboration with leading medical experts, we actively contribute to scientific studies on diagnosis and treatment of cardiac disorders. One of our missions is to address gaps in clinical research identified by the European Society of Cardiology. BIOTRONIK’s involvement helps cardiac experts to improve their treatment decisions and increase the success rate of cardiac resynchronization therapy.

Below we present a list of selected ongoing and completed cardiac studies: