360° CRT: Options for Every Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Treatment Pathway

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program from BIOTRONIK

360° CRT is a comprehensive Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Program developed by BIOTRONIK to improve effective treatment of heart failure by addressing the needs of patients and doctors. 360° CRT shows how our offerings complement each other to increase the success of cardiac resynchronization therapy. We encourage all CRT experts to learn more about our solutions.

360° CRT provides all of the technologies physicians have come to expect in treating CRT patients. Click on the circle to learn more about one of the areas.

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MRI AutoDetect: The ProMRI® Advantage: Dedicated Sensor and 14-Day MRI Scan Window

Devices equipped with MRI AutoDetect can detect the MRI environment and automatically change device parameters to MRI mode. As a result of this automation in device programming, the patient will experience the shortest duration in MRI mode, allowing the device to deliver optimal therapy. Additionally, BIOTRONIK CRT devices continue to offer left ventricle pacing while MRI AutoDetect is active.

During an MRI scan, the MRI AutoDetect sensor switches to MRI mode only when an MRI field is detected. Upon exiting the magnetic MRI field, the device reverts to pre-scan settings. No additional action is required from the CRT patient or providers and a post-scan report will be transmitted via BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®.

CRT: MRI-Conditional Devices

MultiPole Pacing*: Great flexibility for multiple LV pacing

For non-responders, our CRT devices equipped with the MultiPole Pacing (MPP) feature offers more flexible pacing options, allowing greater customization of the cardiac resynchronization therapy to individual patient’s needs. Specifically, the left ventricle can be paced twice per cycle, delivering simultaneous or sequential paces. At the same time, the technology proves to be highly energy-efficient.

  • Great longevity even with MPP feature turned on
  • Independent LV vectors:
    • Two LV vectors can be separate voltages
    • Two LV vectors can be separated in timing
  • Can perform two simultaneous independent LV paces

* The clinical effectiveness of this feature has not been established

CRT: Heart Pacing

Closed Loop Stimulation: The most physiologic rate sensor

Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) technology is available exclusively in BIOTRONIK devices.

CLS is the only rate response algorithm that responds to physiologic demands and acute mental stress on a beat-to-beat basis

    • CLS improves patient satisfaction1
    • CLS reflects changes in heart demand due to medication, lifestyle or disease progression, as well as physical exertion and acute mental stress similar to patients with healthy sinus nodes2
    • Peak exercise heart rate and exercise time increased in patients with heart failure and chronotropic incompetence3
  • CLS can provide significantly wider heart rate distribution in cardiac patients with advanced heart failure4
    • Decreased heart rate variability is a risk factor for heart failure mortality5
  • Brady-Tachy Syndrome with atrial fibrillation risk
    • CLS significantly reduces the burden of AT episodes6
    • Reduces atrial burden6
  • Reduction of Orthostatic Hypotension (OH) events
    • 75% reduction in OH events7
    • Cardiac patients who require pacing showed the strongest benefit7
CRT: Closed Loop Simulation

Ultra-High Energy (UHE): Supercharged when it counts

Inventra HF-T QP: Only CRT-D to deliver 42 joules, even on the first shock

42 joules of energy on the first shock, the highest on the market, translating to an additional safety margin for patients who have high DFTs. More physicians are considering no DFT testing at implant based on the SIMPLE study.8,9,10 Multiple studies have identified factors that may impact defibrillation efficacy. Cumulatively, these factors could increase defibrillation threshold significantly.9,10,11,12,13

Ultra-High Energy (UHE)

Intica CRT-DX: Complete Atrial Diagnostics, No Atrial Lead

CRT-DX is a pioneering atrial sensing system implemented in BIOTRONIK CRT-D devices. The CRT-DX atrial sensing system is fully compatible with BIOTRONIK’s MultiPole Pacing and ProMRI features, allowing the patient to take full advantage of our devices’ functionalities.

  • The Power of Atrial Diagnostics
    • Detection of silent atrial fibrillation
    • Enhanced diagnostic accuracy
    • Dual-chamber SVT discrimination
  • Less Hardware, Less Exposure
    • Fewer lead complications
    • Reduced procedural complexity
    • Eliminates cost of an atrial lead
CRT: Atrial Sensing System

Edora CRT-P: Empowering cardiac resynchronization therapy

The Edora CRT-P features BIOTRONIK‘s MRI AutoDetect technology and is part of the smallest MR conditional CRT-P system available in the US. This CRT-P device offers cardiac patients a wide array of therapeutic options, including physiologic rate adaptation, in a 15 cc device with 9.7 years* longevity.

*All longevity calculations based on DDD(R) @ 2.5 V, 0.4 ms, 60 ppm, A: 10% pacing, RV/LV: 100% pacing, 500 Ω, RF-Telemetry: OFF, Home Monitoring: OFF

Edora CRT-P: Empowering cardiac resynchronization therapy
Safe Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®: Clinically proven to help prevent worsening heart failure (TRUECOIN) through high compliance and early detection (TRUST), with demonstrated reductions in mortality (IN-TIME) and hospitalizations (COMPAS)

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy: Scientific Contributions